Professional drone photography and live satellite streaming

About Us

Our Equipment

ODN, Inc. runs its own satellite network that reaches all of America. Using these assets, we can stream drone video from virtually anywhere live. Our innovative uplink trucks and trailers can provide high bandwidths anywhere you need it. Couple that to state-of-the-art drones and you have a video package that is unbeatable.

Our Photographers

ODN, Inc. has been in business since 2001. Before that, management ran one of the most widely used studios in the central Missouri area. Our primary pilot has over 6000 hours in full size twin engine and aerobatic aircraft. He also was a nationally known RC pilot specializing in aerobatics and rotary wing aircraft. Along with being a accomplished commercial photographer, the staff has the combined skills you need. 

We hold a Part 107 permit. 

Why Us?

We are a odd combination of engineers, photographers, pilots and satellite broadcasting technicians. As a result we offer a novel set of resources that can provide virtually any aerial photo need. 

Real time.

Eclipse time lapse

Cool time lapse drone video of total eclipse.

SW Colorado

This short video was shot in SW Colorado.